Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New images!



Done for a friend! 3 more to go!




  1. Welcome back, Brett! Nice to see some new dinosaur pics!

    p.s.: my old blog "Geomythologica" (who's still featured in your blogroll) is now shut down, replaced by my new "Tempi profondi. Natura e storia shakerate, non mescolate" ("Deep Times. Nature & History shaken, not stirren": The topic is always evolution!


  2. Hey Brett! Good to see back to action! I really like the Arrhinoceratops very spiky and brutal! I remembered something, are watching New World? The next thrusday will be a triceratops! Othr question: I saw 3 megalosaurus that you drawn for a book. You have plans to put your old drawings here?

  3. Very drawing, the spiky Arrhinoceratops idea is really good. But its front legs lookslike the old elephant like legs. It has 4 fingers, but in real life the ceratopsians had 5 fingers, and they walked on only 3 fingers. the 4th and 5th were artrophied.

    Like here:

  4. g-man,

    How do you know there aren't 5 fingers? That angle sort of loses the first digit. As fot he rest, well I'm skeptical of those feet. That entire image is to show what MIGHT be. Not what is, its to encourage artist to think outside the box. With all the weight on front the larger splayed toes make more sense to me. plus, don't we have footprints of splayed toes?

    And I did have a paleontologist look over this, in fact he did a paper on this very animal. And he did ask for changes to the frill spikes.



    1. They had 5 fingers but the 4th and the 5th didn't have claw. And on your ceratopsian both have claws. Look at the Triceratops's front leg in Dinosaur Revolution. Its very accurate. The 4th and 5th fingers are small, and the 5th finger don't have claw.