Monday, November 12, 2012

How about a little terror bird action?

Wa watching NatGeo the other day, they had a special on terror birds. I had also seen Jonah Hex the day before (very bad, avoid!) And idea popped into my head. Yes the bird is more vertical, the extra weight of the rider, I saw something similar in some ostrich racing clips. These guys are difficult, they are so fragmentary and some appear to have longer legs, others more stubby.

Anyways, a bit of fun! enjoy!




  1. Awesome. I wrote a Alternate History post back in 2007 on SHWI about terror birds surviving in North America into modern times before Google Groups and declining readership finally killed my participation in the group.

    A link is here:

  2. I love this image. Some players in my tabletop rpg playtest have recently acquired a small flock of the birds.