Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Velociraptor and Protoceratops, let's dig in!

So over on Dave Hone's Archosaur Musings, Dave asked if anyone had any art for an upcoming paper. I have a bit of free time right now so I offered my help. The only real problem? They needed it by Monday, it was Friday night. Not to worry, I said I'm pretty quick with the pencil. So i decided to time myself. I did the layout on Saturday after I got a bit of info and then Saturday I got to work. Now I don't really ever pay attention to how fast I go or that kind of thing but I started this at 8:45 am in Sunday. I finished at 11:11 am. I did take a few minutes break to cook some hamburger for the dogs but that only takes a minute to put on. I wanted to get this to Dave ASAP since I know how printing deadlines are.

I did add a spot of color later to help define the different animals since the actual image would be fairly small. I should have asked about the final size, it was a stupid mistake I draw fairly large (comics are reduced a lot so it makes things 'tighter') but the spot of color helped pop the dinos a bit. It might not get used at all since the editors decide that type of thing but Dave wrote up a blog post about it if you're at all interested in a velociraptor eating/scavenging a protoceratops!

I figured the little backstory might be interesting to the other artist and Dave is a far better wordsmith than I, so head over and read all the gory details!

The wife decided to fix my mess;)



Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Drytosaurus, from the late cretaceous of N. America. New Jersey to be exact. A three fingered tyrannosaur, more closely related to Eotyrannus than those other two fingered guys from the west coast. Hippies and their tiny little arms;)



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Dinosaucers are dead..

The Dinosucers revamp idea has now gone extinct. So no more drawings of them I'm afraid. But have no fear, I have other, better, designs involving prehistoric animals that I post on my other blog so if you're into that thing head on over. These are just a few examples.

Someone had commented on the Dinosaur Tracking blog about the whole anthro thing. They wanted basically a dinosaur cartoon, which I think might be cool... the problem is selling something like that, it's too basic, event the Jurassic Park toys were never a big hit, nor were the old Resaurus toys. They want flashy stuff, new ideas for cartoons. Doing something scientifically accurate would be a really tough sell. Maybe something like PBS would do it but frankly they do rather poorly animated cartoons so why bother?

After this post, back to theropods, but I figured the fans who didn't read my regular blog would want to know. You have to remember that these things are commercial endeavors and science, however cool, isn't high on most people's list of cool things:( We're still looking to do something with dinosaurs, but it's still at the planning stages.



Friday, March 5, 2010

More Dinosaucers...

A new bad guy design of an Agustinia, I'm thinking of calling him Augustus or Caeser... I had a hard time finding out which way the spikes and stuff went. I finally went with a Luis Rey design, since it was a Thomas Holtz book and I figured that might be better to use than a toy;)

The awesomely named Tricero... I think I might push to change the name to Trike.

His anthro form.

I had to do the Bad guy, Genghis Rex. I wanted him to look a bit more 'primitive', thus the different stance.

That's all for now. We wait for colors and then see what Sony and Cookie Cutter says:)



I just copied this post from the other blog, sorry I'm tired today;)

Monday, March 1, 2010


You're asked to do some strange stuff. DabelBrothers, a company I do work for, has asked me to do some redesigns of the 90's Dinosaucers cartoon. So these are the first attempts. Allo the allosaurus...(I won't comment on the complex naming techniques used by the original designers.) I think it was a kids cartoon and they went as simple as possible. I'm trying for a bit more complexity, so we'll see what happens. The first image is his 'Devolved form'
This is his regular anthro form. Im trying to make these as more inline with current ideas. More later this week!