Saturday, April 18, 2009


This is a reconstruction of the recent Torvosaurus find in Europe. They seemed to have T. rexed up the skull a bit from the fragmentary remains. What was found, seems to be pretty close to the other Torvosaurus material found in the US. So the head should look more like the bottom picture (which is pretty old, notice the incorrect hands) or the one I posted for the Easter Holiday. I couldn't bring myself to make the nasal bridge as high as they did in the recontruction It just looked wrong.

Torvosaurus was a large predator from the late Jurassic. Growing to around 40 feet, and with larger teeth which look similar to tyrannosaurs. This would have been more like the T. rex of the Jurassic, they don't appear to be nearly as common as Allosaurs, so it's been speculated they were more solitary.



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