Friday, April 10, 2009


This is one of my most beloved dinosaurs. An early carcharadontosaur (a few still consider this an advanced allosaur) from the central US. Paleontologists have several partial specimens and have been able to cobble together a decent restoration. It's a large beast growing to about 40 feet (12 meters for those outside the US.)
This animal is one possible suspect of trackways found in Texas, trackways showing a possible bite attempt, depending on who you ask;) I was trying to figure out how to do a nice yellow color here, it didn't quite work out and I got a more goldish look than I wanted. I'm actually fairly new to coloring these things so there is a lot of trial and error:)

The first colored picture I did of this animal, the legs are to long and the calves to, for lack of a better word, boofy. The 'sail' (just elongated vertibrae along the back, about 2 feet high) is smaller on this one. I've seen several skeletal restoration and each one has a different sail height (I cover it in muscles since it wasn't very tall.) Maybe differnences in the sexes? Or just different artist adding their touch?



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