Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lacusovagus work in progress

There's a big crazyness going on on the interwebs about pterosaurs (go here for some excellent info.)

So in order to fight the bad science I'm guessing pterosaurs are going to get more popular with paleoartists. Unfortunately I'm by no means an expert on these guys so I'm getting a bit of coaching (I'll refrain from using his name and maybe ruining his reputation;)), which is why this isn't finished but since I went to the trouble od scanning I figured I'd post it anyways:)

Enjoy! And if YOU are a pterosaur expert and I did mess up let me know!




  1. Good to see you brett! Brett did you see in the comic con the new godzilla and pacific rim?! I hope this godzilla will be good as the japanese

    1. I knew about Pacific Rim, but not Godzilla! I hope this Godzilla will be better than the Japanese, a good story AND a good monster, a decent monster that's corny I can do without!