Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sitting Theropods and their footprints

A few months ago a new paper described a fossil impression of a sitting theropod. I had actually drawn a reconstruction of the beast months before, based on footprints from the area, known to some as the St George theropod. It's entirely speculative, but since there is no actual skeleton associated to the footprints, it's hard to say who the footprints actually belong to. It could actually be one of a number of known species but in this case nothing official has been named. So this is a hypothetical image of the track maker and below is a shot of the position it was in while sitting.

For this image I actually chose a theropod that I had not drawn before, so this is a Liliensternus inthe resting position. Note the strange position of the front legs/arms, Freaky!

For more information head on over to the Open Source Paleontologist:)

More new dinosaurs soon, I'm a bit behind on my actual work so I have't had time for many new drawings. But I am working on some:)



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