Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Dinosaucers are dead..

The Dinosucers revamp idea has now gone extinct. So no more drawings of them I'm afraid. But have no fear, I have other, better, designs involving prehistoric animals that I post on my other blog so if you're into that thing head on over. These are just a few examples.

Someone had commented on the Dinosaur Tracking blog about the whole anthro thing. They wanted basically a dinosaur cartoon, which I think might be cool... the problem is selling something like that, it's too basic, event the Jurassic Park toys were never a big hit, nor were the old Resaurus toys. They want flashy stuff, new ideas for cartoons. Doing something scientifically accurate would be a really tough sell. Maybe something like PBS would do it but frankly they do rather poorly animated cartoons so why bother?

After this post, back to theropods, but I figured the fans who didn't read my regular blog would want to know. You have to remember that these things are commercial endeavors and science, however cool, isn't high on most people's list of cool things:( We're still looking to do something with dinosaurs, but it's still at the planning stages.




  1. Awesome dinosaucers art. Do you take commissions at all?

  2. Cyberwuffy,

    Sorry no, I had to stop. I just can't get into doing them.



  3. You would think anthro prehistoric animals wearing badass armor would be enough to capture the attention of people....stupid people...

  4. It could have been me.
    I loved Dinosaucers though simple.They easily could have made the villain Tyrannos- carnovores
    T Rex
    Carnotaurus- instead of Ankylo
    Baryonx-instead of Quakpot
    Therez-instead of Brachio
    Cerato-instead of Straco
    Antro- as an Allo
    Velo- 3 female Raptor triplets
    Terrible Dactyl

    They could be ruled by the MASSIVE Giganato and Spino,and an ancient Dimetro- rival leaders.
    Loads of politics.Tyranno land divided. lacking resources.

    Iguano- changes from Allo
    Ourano-changes from Dimetro
    Coryth- is a female

    Struthio- couriers

    I actually own a few of the toys form this line. The ships are awesome and 2 hard annuals in spanish.
    I want to create a beautiful back story.

  5. You know a New Dinosaucers Series, Might be splendid..... Beyblade was long ago on TV Screens and now a New Gen has Arised, So why not Dinosaucers,It won't be Fresh but it might be Exciting